Victoria Preschool System HCMC
You know, for children to develop optimally, early imprints are incredibly important!
A peaceful and loving home from parents is the best nurturing ground for all children. We have been and are working hard to establish the Victoria Preschool Early Childhood Education System to be like a home for the children, where teachers are like family, like friends who accompany them as they grow every day.
In addition to the harmonious, vivid physical facilities that are close to nature, we highly value and emphasize the human factor – young and passionate teachers, a cohesive community, and a scientific educational approach are the foundation for comprehensive development. Nurturing love and happiness, fostering positive character traits, adaptability, and creativity in all children.
Victoria Preschool Early Childhood Education System
Where children blossom in love and care!

Reggio Emilia Philosophy &
Multiple Intelligences Theory

The Reggio Emilia philosophy is an overarching educational perspective that guides all activities at Victoria Preschool. Our unique teaching program focuses on each individual child and their holistic development.
Children engage in practical experiences to construct their own knowledge rather than passively absorbing information. We emphasize the development of emotional intelligence, adaptability, resilience, and the intellectual intelligence of the child. Education is not just about the knowledge a child acquires, but more importantly, it is about nurturing the individual and fostering them in a loving environment.
  • Spatial Intelligence

    Children are guided through images and spatial models, encouraging them to think more in terms of visuals rather than just words.

  • Kinesthetic Intelligence

    Children are taught to express themselves through movement and actions, enabling them to become adept at controlling bodily movements.
  • Musical Intelligence

    Nurturing a love for music, rhythm, melody, and sound.
  • Language Intelligence

    Children will be trained to acquire excellent communication skills in both Vietnamese and English, along with the abilities of active listening and comprehension.
  • Intrapersonal Intelligence

    Children are trained to develop emotional intelligence and become more self-reliant.
  • Interpersonal Intelligence

    Excellent social skills and empathy cultivated through daily group activities, teamwork, outings, and community engagement.
  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

    Familiarizing with mathematics helps children nurture skills in reasoning, numerical proficiency, and logical argumentation.
  • Naturalistic Intelligence

    A space for children to connect with nature. They develop a fondness for observation, curiosity about phenomena, and an aptitude for adapting to different environments.

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The curriculum at Victoria Preschool is uniquely designed and classes are divided with scientifically appropriate class sizes for each age group, ensuring that children's development is based on their psychological age characteristics, key activities, and skills of each age group, fostering their interests, and respecting each child's abilities. By applying the Reggio Emilia philosophy to our project-based teaching program, we honor and nurture the development of the 8 intelligences of children.






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Mrs. Chi Nguyen
Principal & Founder

With 14 years of experience in the field of early childhood education, I have come to realize more than ever the importance of investing in the comprehensive development of children. My team and I have researched and learned from the most advanced methods worldwide, aiming to provide Vietnamese children with an education on par with developed countries and a solid foundation to navigate the ever-changing society.

I envision a humane educational philosophy and am determined to establish innovative preschools based on the Reggio Emilia education philosophy – a place where each child is loved, respected, treated fairly, and encouraged to develop their full potential, forming the basis of a strong character. As Vietnam's education progresses alongside global powerhouses, we are not merely voicing slogans; we are truly making a difference, because every child deserves a nurturing and holistic educational environment.

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