Hippo Class
12- 24 months olds
From primary emotional interactions with Mother, the child transitions to a new stage involving interactions with objects. At this age, the child explores and discovers everything through their senses, continuing to develop their motor skills and language strongly and distinctly. The children primarily communicate with the teacher and begin to play alongside their peers. The maximum class size for this age group is 12 children with 3 teachers to provide optimal care and education.
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Elephant Class
2-3 years
The children continue to develop their motor skills, language abilities, sensory skills, and remain primarily engaged in activities involving objects. They are now capable of self-serving and refining more skills compared to the previous age group. The maximum class size for this age group is 18 children with 3 teachers.
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Lion Class
3-4 years old
Transitioning from primary activities involving objects and playing alongside peers, the child enters a new stage characterized by playful activities and the need to engage in cooperative play, communicating extensively with others. At this age, physical, cognitive, language, social skills, as well as strong analytical and creative thinking abilities develop significantly. The maximum class size for this age group is 21 children with 3 teachers, enabling each child to fully unleash their potential while learning from both teachers and peers, and fostering social skills, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.
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Dragon Class
4-5 years
Children at this age are highly active and always eager to communicate and interact with others. The Class program at Victoria Preschool is built upon the belief that young children are inherently curious and desire to explore the world around them. Rooted in this natural curiosity and creativity, both short-term and long-term captivating topics are designed based on the children's real-life experiences and their areas of interest. Engaging in project-based activities equips children with initial experiences in identifying and understanding complex issues in depth, which proves to be highly beneficial for their development. The class size of 21 students with 3 teachers creates a social environment for children to excel in problem-solving, teamwork, and collaborative skills.
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Dinosaur Class
5-6 years old
The Dinosaur Class program is designed to support children in preparing socially and emotionally for group learning, serving as a significant transition step towards entering Grade 1. This stage is recognized as the "reaching the age of awareness" phase – encompassing the ability to understand personal responsibility, self-direction, and logical thinking. To enrich this transition process, Victoria's curriculum applies meticulously researched pedagogical practices to help children explore and grasp fundamental concepts and age-appropriate learning tools. The program fosters both intellectual and socio-emotional development through thematic activities, play, group learning, and practical engagements. Subjects like mathematics, science, and social studies are integrated into project activities, games, and other learning endeavors. The maximum class size for this age group is 21 children with 3 teachers, providing an ideal setting for social, emotional, and cognitive growth.
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