Our Story

Victoria is the name of a Teacher, Mentor, and Inspiring Figure who has been a driving force behind the Victoria Preschool Early Childhood Education System since 2009. The school is named after her as a token of gratitude for her role in enabling us to access the most advanced educational methods worldwide and placing children at the center of all development. We cherish and invest in every moment of the children at the School and work alongside parents to nurture and educate young children. Victoria Preschool began with a dream - a dream of preschools where every child is loved, treated fairly, happy, and experiences comprehensive development. The system's professional council continually researches high-quality educational methods and curriculum to create a learning environment that fosters creativity, exploration, and inspiration, providing children with joyful days at school and a brighter, more holistic future than ever before.


"We believe that 'Every child has a unique learning style and pace of cognition. Each child is singular and special in their own way.' (Robert John Meehan)
Victoria Preschool is the embodiment of an incredibly dedicated team's spirit towards education. Drawing inspiration from the Reggio Emilia education philosophy - Italy, and the Project-Based Learning teaching approach, we provide children with a safe and nurturing learning environment, where they are loved, cherished, trusted, and given opportunities to build their vast knowledge based on their natural curiosity, fostering holistic development."

Program to Foster Global Citizens of Tomorrow's Success
Safe Environment that Stimulates Learning
Loving and Joyful Environment
Abundant and Diverse Learning Opportunities

Core Values

In an environment filled with love and care, we place love and happiness as the foundation for all development.

Every day of the child is a day of happiness. The child is happy when being themselves.
Noble Character
Educating with gratitude, kindness, and civility to become a future global citizen.
Adaptability is crucial for children to cultivate resilience (AQ) - a factor that helps them achieve success.
An environment that encourages children to experiment with novel ideas, a decisive factor in developing intellectual, physical, and emotional intelligence.